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St. Joseph School provides excellence in education, instills Catholic faith formation, and promotes service to the community thereby creating lifelong learners and conscientious citizens.





St. Joseph Catholic School, an elementary teaching facility within the Belleville diocesan school system, aspires to the optimum spiritual, mental, emotional and social growth of its students, with emphasis on the development of educational potential and acknowledgement of individual needs and abilities.

Through a balanced curriculum of religion, language arts, natural and social sciences, mathematics, health, physical education, art, and music, St. Joseph School seeks to attain the following goals.

Moral and Spiritual Development- To implement a program including teaching of Catholic doctrine, the tradition of the church, scripture, liturgy, and Christian morality, and provide the students with experiences in Christian living in order to help them develop reverence for God, respect of His creations, and the recognition of the basic goodness of themselves and others.

Social Responsibility- To instill discipline that is both positive and self-directed, evolving from an initial self-respect and awareness of the rights and needs of others and emphasizing the concept of charity as well as justice in social interactions. Academic Excellence- To encourage intellectual development through logical and investigative thinking, as well as written and verbal expression, within a curriculum which includes basic concepts and skills as well as the incorporation of current educational methods.

Emotional Growth- To stimulate emotional growth by creating an atmosphere of freedom of expression tempered with concomitant responsibility for one’s actions.

Physical Fitness- To encourage physical fitness through a program emphasizing healthful living, exercise for physical development, and an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities.

Extracurricular Activities- To enrich the core curriculum with opportunities to participate in activities which develop leadership skills, public speaking, and ease in working with people of different ages and abilities.

As it prepares students for the future, St. Joseph Catholic School instills pride in both students and faculty by maintaining standards of excellence and an esprit de corps that will make it an outstanding educational facility. Therefore, St. Joseph School is an asset to the Catholic ideals of education and the people it seeks to serve.


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